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Pay with Catch.
Earn 5%+ credit.

Earn store credit by helping merchants save on credit card fees.
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What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Here’s how it works

step 1

Select Catch at checkout.

You’ll find us online at some of your favorite stores.

step 2

Pay with your bank — just like Venmo.

Bank transfers are easy, safe and free for you. It’s the same way Venmo & your paycheck work.

step 3

Earn at least 5% store credit.

Credits are automatically added to your Catch account.

step 4

Redeem credits, or gift them!

To redeem, just select Catch at checkout next time. Or gift them and make a friend's day.

Everyone wins 🎉

...well, except the credit card companies.

When you pay with credit or debit, card companies & big banks take a cut of every purchase.
Paying with your bank helps brands avoid credit card fees, so they’re happy to pass the savings back to you as store credit (and hope you come back).

We take security seriously.

Secure linking

We link your bank via the provider trusted by Venmo and the Cash App.

Fully encrypted

We never see your bank info – and neither do our partners.

Fraud protection

You’re covered by our fraud protection guarantee – just in case.

Where to shop

Check out the growing list of amazing brands where you can pay with Catch.
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stick it to the banks

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Try us out. It’s quick and you get free money.
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