Catch card

The rewards debit card built for shoppers

Instant $$$ rewards at the brands you love

no debt. no fees. just rewards. no debt. no fees. just rewards.
no debt. no fees. just rewards. no debt. no fees. just rewards.

The shopping life hack that’s literally freeeeeeeee

every. single. purchase.
Add your Catch card to Apple Pay to earn on gas, groceries, everything!
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hundredsssss of brands
Shop the hottest brands through the Catch app to earn even more.
You’ll get a free virtual debit card linked 
to your normal debit card or bank account. It’s like a glow-up to your debit account
 that gets you credit card level rewards for shopping, without any debt or fees.

Extra perks in the app

Use the app to access exclusive offers, and discover the newest brands and hottest deals.
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Get treated like an influencer with VIP rewards from our partner brands.
Reward drops in the Catch app


Trade your rewards, shopping hacks, and more with the community.
Reward swaps in the Catch app

$3.9Mearned by savvy shoppersDon’t just take our word for it

The only way I buy skincare

Imagine getting 10% in store credit every time you top up your skincare routine. Yup. And you get 1.5% back on all your other stuff too. It lets me buy the brands I love without breaking the bank Happy shopping y’all.


Use it if you shop

It's so easy to earn rewards on my everyday purchases. The 1.5% back on everything is awesome. Just redeemed at SoulCycle and got a massive discount Loving this card!


Perfect for budget shopping

As a student, I’m always looking for ways to save money. Catch has been a lifesaver, I saved $22 on my last outfit with the rewards I earned. So easy to use as well. Just tap on your phone using Apple Pay. Most of all I love that it is free!


Ideal for beauty addicts

If you’re into beauty you need one. I earn rewards every time I stock up on my essentials, and it feels like I’m getting deals every time I shop. Just redeemed my Catch cash for a new moisturizer. Love it!


My new shopping card

As a recent college grad, I am always trying to find ways I can be savvy with my money. Catch is the best way to save on my Rare Beauty products. I don't have to worry about debt or fees!


Love Catch, love the card even more

Signed up for Catch 2 years ago, so excited that there’s now a card. I can now earn rewards everywhere, not just at the beauty brands I shop at regularly. Last thing I bought I saved $13 just from the stuff I bought that week.


I'm breaking up with my credit card

Idk if it’s just me but I’m so tired of having to switch my rewards for my Bank of America credit card between food and online shopping each month. I haven’t found a card that’s specifically catered towards online shopping… until Catch. Now I just buy everything on one card and save on all my haircare and skincare


Saves me tons at PacSun

Been using Catch for about a year and love getting rewards when shopping. The card means I now get rewards even when I pay for travel and nights out


All my beauty products are on Catch!

Its like everything I love is on sale all the time. I even get rewards when I buy my puppy's food at Petco. The rewards literally got me 40% off my last shop at Krave. Get one!


The finally made a card!

I've used the Catch App for 2 years. They'll occasionally drop credit to different stores that are partnered with them plus you always get cash back which comes in handy when you shop at the same store multiple times! I have been asking for a way to earn rewards at other brands for ages and the Catch card does just that!



It basically lets me get every 10th item for free. The credit drops make topping up my makeup bag so much cheaper too. Its now the card I use most because of the brands I shop at.


Best shopping hack

I’ve been using catch for a little over a year now, but wanted to get the rewards at other places. The card lets me buy my groceries and get money off at PacSun!


You might be wondering…

Wait. It's really free to use?

Yes, the Catch card is free to use. There are no fees, ever.
Since it’s a debit card, you also don’t have to worry about credit checks, going into debt, or any of those gotchas. 

How long does it take to sign up?

Because you don’t need a credit check and we link to your existing debit card or bank account, you can sign up in minutes and start earning rewards immediately.

Can I actually earn up to 15%?

Yes! In-app shopping at brands like Olipop and Function of Beauty will net you up to 15% in rewards. You’ll always earn 1.5% as a minimum, on anything you buy. From your Starbucks to your Uber ride. You can find a full breakdown of earnings at each brand in the app.

What's the catch?

There isn’t one! Card issuers and banks make money off merchant swipe fees, consumer late fees and debt. We don’t. We get paid by our partner brands for helping them build loyalty with customers. That means we can give rewards that traditional card companies can’t. It’s a win-win.

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