Retain the next generation of shoppers right from checkout

Rewards designed for the Gen Z and millennial customer.

Higher LTV · Cheaper payments

Brand partners

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Reward customers, not the credit card networks

Drive retention right from checkout and cut out processing costs at the same time.

Drive retention

Drive higher frequency and repeat rates (even with new customers).

Acquire efficiently

Attract new Catch customers, without ad platform CACs.

Save on payments

Customers pay directly by bank or debit. You don’t pay card fees.

Build stronger relationships, faster


higher LTV


faster time to repurchase


new customer retention

“Catch has been an incredible partner, helping to efficiently and sustainably increase our returning customers in an impactful way, which is vital to our long-term growth strategy.”

Laural Simeon, Director of DTC

“Catch has been pivotal to retaining Farmacy Catch customers and increasing long term brand loyalty. And as an added bonus, Catch has helped us acquire new loyal customers too!”

Tiffany Marie Corpuz, Sr. Director of eCommerce
Farmacy Beauty

“Partnering with Catch is truly a win-win. Catch allows us to save on credit card fees while delivering incremental value to our customers and improving our retention.”

Alex Yu, Director of Data & Analytics
Girlfriend Collective

Engage shoppers your loyalty program won’t reach

Brands trust Catch to take young customers from purchase 1 to 2 (and 3 and 4!)

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Enhance your lifecycle marketing

Select Catch as a payment option at checkout. You'll earn 5-10% store credit, depending on the brand.

Available marketing integrations

Retention Science
Simon Data

...and more

Bring your brand happy lifelong customers

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