Supercharge loyalty at checkout

Catch turns your checkout into a retention tool, not a cost center.
Trusted by the fastest-growing D2C brands ๐Ÿš€

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Cartoon shopping bags and gift box. Earn online store credit.

Boost customer LTV

Catch customers generate as much in
3 months as others do in a year.


New customer retention


Customers redeem credits
within 60 days


Customers redeem 2+ times
within 60 days
Some banks on Plaid and Teller that can link to Catch

Save on payments

Process payments for 30ยข via direct bank transfer

Catch lets customers pay securely via direct bank transfer using Plaid and Teller.

Pass the savings on to your customers as store credit

Plus, no chargebacks for your brand. Ever.
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Integrate seamlessly

Our eCommerce and marketing integrations make launching painless so you can focus on creating awesome products for your customers.
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Shopify Plus
Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Direct APIs
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Retention Science
Blue Onion Labs
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Image showing Catch checkout with earned online store credit

How it works

Customers check out using ACH

This saves you processing fees on every order.

You reward them with credit

Credits can be redeemed on a future purchase, or gifted.

Customers save. You build loyalty.

Everyone wins โ€“ except the credit card companies.
Get free trial credits

Bring your brand happy lifetime customers

Reach out to learn more about pricing and benefits to early partners.

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